My art

Self_portraitI am a painter, photographer, a writer and a teacher. I came to art late, gaining qualifications in fine art and modern European thought after a career in engineering, local government and the financial sector, finally, as the IT and Operations Director of an international insurance group.

I create both representational and abstract paintings. My main concern is to use the painting process to transform a subject or theme into a painting that emphasises relationships between areas of colour, line and technique. It is this process of experimentation and discovery that I find exhilarating. A drawing or photograph is the starting point and the painting’s final form is uncertain.

In my photography I use the same approach; my main concern is to produce images that emphasise shapes and colours. I am particularly interested in mountain landscapes and peoples’ behaviour.
I take inspiration from Henri Matisse whose experimentation using colour, line and abstraction I find amazing. I am also influenced by Richard Diebenkorn, an American abstract painter who was influenced by Matisse and who painted in a vigorous and imaginative figurative style as well. Whenever I am not sure what I want to do I turn to their work to refresh my ideas.

My work alternates bewteen painting, photography, and teaching art, art history and photography. I exhibit from time to time and, recently, have been taking commissions for landscape paintings and commercial photography.

To see galleries of my work, please visit my old website HERE.